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What We Offer

Here at Evidential Hypnosis we offer two different kinds of past life regression sessions.




In a past life regression therapy session, the main goal is to look at an issue affecting the client's present life in a negative way. By delving into the past and finding the initial root cause of the issue, we can then work with it, using various healing techniques, and release its effects, thus bringing about positive change and long-lasting healing for the client. In dealing with the root cause of an issue, we facilitate healing on a deep level, which is far more effective than merely 'cutting the head off' the problem, letting it regrow and having it present itself again at a future time.


Hypnosis is a very powerful therapeutic tool, which can often get to the root of a problem in a far shorter space of time than many, more traditional forms of therapy. Many clients have reported considerable improvement in their conditions following sessions with us, and upon following up with them later, they have reported continued and sustained improvement in their lives as a result.


The emphasis with these sessions is on healing, rather than particularly looking for details to verify, although clients often do report factual information during their sessions. The therapist’s goal in these sessions is to find and treat the root cause of an issue, rather than look for historical validation, so they would not particularly look to probe for details.


Not everyone who wants to experience a past life regression, however, is looking to do so for therapeutic reasons. Some people are simply curious about who they were in a previous life and learning more about their history. To accommodate this demand, we also offer....



This option is all about finding solid, concrete validation of your memories through historical records, and doesn’t necessarily involve any healing taking place directly. The main goal of a research regression session is to find out as much about a particular lifetime as possible, including trying to find specific details of who you were, when and where you lived, who the other people in your life were, and more, so we can search for evidence of that lifetime in the various historical records available.


We use a slightly different process for a research session, including a longer hypnotic induction. With this in mind, it’s important for the client to be able to concentrate for a long period of time, in addition to being able to fully relax into the experience, as this will help to produce the desired results. All of this, and more, will be covered during the therapist and client’s pre-session consultation.


After we have gathered all the details through the session, we then set about looking for evidence through historical records. Any relevant documents we find will be included in the client’s printed research portfolio, which also includes a short summary of the factual information and a full written account of the regression. This will either be sent by post, or can be collected by the client from our office.


Dr Brian Weiss calls this process ‘regression archaeology’ and it is a very interesting part of this work. I have a personal passion for doing as much as I can to help get past life regression into the mainstream, as a more widely accepted form of therapy. The more compelling evidence that can be found and presented through validating past life experiences, the more the scales will eventually tip.


Whether or not that happens during my lifetime is debatable, as some people can be very resistant and stubborn in accepting a change of thought, when it comes to the metaphysical. If it doesn’t happen while I’m here this time round, I’ll look forward to seeing the change in maybe a lifetime or two’s time!

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