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About Evidential Hypnosis


Evidential Hypnosis was established in 2014 by Past Life Regression Therapist, Carl Stewart.

Past life regression is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool, which can often produce healing results in just one session that might take months or years with many of the more conventional, mainstream practices, if indeed the client is truly healed at all by these methods.

With its largely sceptical and dismissive attitude to the metaphysical, traditional medicine does both itself and its patients an immense disservice. More and more, it is simply no longer meeting the needs of an increasingly spiritually-awake world population.

Many times, the root causes of an issue cannot be found in a person's present life, and therefore cannot be healed at source by traditional practices.

Indeed, ignoring the massive amount of evidential data available on the subjects of reincarnation and healing through past lives, can only be detrimental to the patient's treatment and long-term well-being.

This is where more 'alternative' therapists step in, to bridge the gap left by traditional, mainstream medicine.

Getting to the real root cause can provide wonderful insight into the issue or issues affecting the client, and facilitate healing on a truly deep and effective level.

Carl truly has a passion for this work and believes strongly in the incredible healing effects it can offer, having seen the results himself, first-hand, on many occasions.

Providing effective and long-lasting healing for the client is always his primary concern. However, Carl also has another goal, which he is aiming to meet through his Evidential Hypnosis sessions.

In order to try and push past life regression into the mainstream, and to have it truly accepted as a valid and incredibly useful form of therapy, Carl also attempts to gain historical validation of the client's memories, wherever possible, thus producing more evidence to add to the already considerable weight of validated cases out there.

The more evidence there is, the more likely the scales are to tip, as more and more people wake up to the fact that this is indeed real, despite the closed-minded, cynical insistence of so many people to the contrary.

If you choose to book a past life regression session with Carl, you can be assured that he will provide a friendly and professional service, to help you find the true root causes of the issues affecting you in the present day. Carl is a fully qualified and insured therapist and has received excellent training in his profession. Carl is also a member of the Past Life Therapists' Association and is proud to uphold its code of conduct.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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